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Krav Maga in Long Island - Protection Fitness

Krav Maga

Long Island Krav Maga

Protection Fitness' Krav Maga classes employ a specific type of system focusing on the three P's: prevention, protection, and preservation and the fighting system is based on honing your natural instinctive reflexes to combat common threats.

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Kids Krav Maga

Long Island Kids Krav Maga

Kids Krav Maga classes at Protection Fitness is designed to help keep kids safe from bullies, kidnappers, and other threats kids face every day. The Krav Maga philosophy builds self-confidence, and respect for oneself as well as others in all of our students.

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Fitness Bootcamp

Long Island Fitness Bootcamp

Protection Fitness' Fitness BootCamp is a fitness program based on several martial arts disciplines and mixed martial arts training concepts. It's boxing, kickboxing, krav maga, muay thai and other martial arts/systems all in one.

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Latest News & Updates

No rules and no limits
There are no sporting rules in Krav Maga; this isn’t a martial art, but a combat system. And it isn't limited to moves that avoid severe injury to your opponent. The first moves we learn include ...
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History of Krav Maga part 1
How did Imi Sde-Or (formerly Imrich Lichtenfeld) develop such an effective self-defense system? He grew up Jewish on the mean streets of Eastern Europe, at a time when Jews were being targeted. He ...
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